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Pick up the Pieces

On May 5th, 1985 President Ronald Reagan visited a cemetery in Bitburg, West Germany. His intentions were to honor the victims of the Nazi reign of terror. Of the thousands of German Soldiers buried there, 49 were members of the Combat Wing of the Nazi SS. Despite public outcry at home and abroad Reagan followed through with the trip. Of all the fallout from this event, like protests and an ever growing divide between the

One Band to Rule them All -Part Deux

Pure Rock Fury Clutch is an argument for the American Dream. Their first album was released by East West Records in 1993. Their second album coming soon after also on East West (a former Warner Bros subsidiary) was followed by an EP on earache and Elephant Riders on Columbia and Pure Rock Fury on Atlantic. Clutch has changed record labels like most of us change socks but it makes sense seeing as how through those

One Band to Rule Them All -Part One

A Shogun Named Marcus When you are young music a lot of times is intended for shock and awe. Like the first time you heard Slayer didn’t you think “I bet this gets me in trouble in science class later, fuck yeah” and wasn’t that more important then what you actually heard? Not to dog Slayer, because I love them to this day but the pre-teen in all of us wants to alienate the squares